Rudvistock is an author's brand that provides high quality electronic files of Polynesian tattoo designs. The brand was founded by Dmitry Rumiantsev in 2010. Currently, you can find my designs on the Internet under the brands Rudvi, 1Rudvi and Rudvistock. The mission of Rudvistock is to provide Polynesian designs that can be used for printing and machine cutting and used in interior and clothing design.

#Who we are

Dmitry Rumiantsev is the founder and owner of Rudvistok. Dmitry has always been interested in Polynesian culture and art. In 2010, Rudvi decided to open Rudvistok to share his passion for Polynesian culture with the world. I especially like it when people use them in their projects and it gives me even more inspiration.

My work process

My workflow is all about setting complex tasks and overcoming them with witty electronic Polynesian designs. I love creating beautiful geometry that’s both complex and eye-catching.

About my online store

In this store, I plan to sell my digital designs, my paintings created both on a computer and on canvas. Categories of paintings and designs will be updated periodically.